Basketball Training

 Basketball Training

Improve your game - At Mind-Body Basketball, you'll be trained to become a smart, skilled, fundamentally sound basketball player.  We train players with rigorous drills to improve:

  • Ball handling
  • Post Play 
  • Defense
  • Rebounding
  • Finishing at the Rim
  • Passing & Decision Making
  • Shooting

Our philosophy - LeBron James.  Steph Curry.  Kevin Durant.  These NBA MVP caliber players have several things in common, which form the foundation of Mind-Body Basketball:

  • Practice - Putting in the work
  • Detail - Careful attention to the craft
  • Attitude - Cultivating a mindset for success

1.  Practice - Mind Body Basketball doesn't believe in short cuts or quick fixes; we believe in doing things the right way.  "How a player practices" is the key ingredient for an athlete to maximize their potential as both player and person.  We cultivate a strong foundation of work ethic, a drive to continually better ourselves, and for players to have the courage to openly and honestly assess both their strengths and areas needing improvement.  

Mind Body Basketball teaches players to embrace mistakes, knowing they are our greatest teachers.  We believe that mistakes are opportunities to learn, grow, and transform.  Non-judgmental awareness of mistakes is a core pillar to MBB's path of success for athletes, as opposed to words like "failure."  We meet the player where they are at, regardless of skill level, and create an individual workout plan with short, challenging drills that build to lasting transformation in a player's game.  We are deeply committed to providing strong mentorship, a positive attitude, and a commitment to consistency and repetition in practice environments that allow players to unlock and unleash their potential.  

2.  Details - Mind Body Basketball places huge value on "the little things".  How is the footwork on a reverse layup?  How are the arms and feet placed when a pick is set?  Is a player telegraphing a pass, or using their eyes as a decoy to set a teammate up for a backdoor layup?  We believe lasting change comes from a deep awareness, and refinement of, the details commonly overlooked in an athlete's game. 

Influenced by Chinese Daoism and Martial Arts, we teach players to continuously return to the fundamentals and building blocks of basketball.  All MBB athletes develop sharp eyes to identify where and how to refine their practice, allowing the nuances of basketball to ingrain in the mind.  This deeper understanding creates a profound shift in a player's approach to the game, and results in athletes who play with skill, effortlessness, and flowing-like-water come game-time. 

3.  Attitude - At MBB we treat the mind with equal importance as the body, as the body follows where the mind will lead.  Meditation provides our basketball players with numerous benefits that allows them to thrive both on, and most importantly, off the court.  All players are given a unique, individual Mental Training Roadmap that best fits their unique personality and learning style, within five types of meditation and focusing traditions

  • Mindfulness
  • Guided Imagery
  • Positive Affirmations and Self-Talk
  • Yogic Meditation
  • Tai-Chi/Qigong   

Weaving together basketball with the art of meditation and studying the mind gives young men the ability to find depth of character.  Our deepest wish and vision for all our basketball players is that they can take the inner-strength and resilience learned from facing challenging moments in sports, into the far more challenging day-to-day struggles we all face emotionally, and have a renewed sense of confidence, hope, and trust in themselves.

Mental Training

 Mental Training

Mind-Body Basketball Program - We teach athletes and coaches a comprehensive mental training program that includes four core foundations grounded in meditation:

1.  Mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness of Breath 
  • Mindfulness of Body & Movement
  • Mindfulness of Sound
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts
  • Mindfulness of Emotions
  • Mindfulness of Compassion & Gratitude

2.  Guided Imagery and Visualization:

  • Images of Strength
  • Images of Calm 
  • The Past - Highlight Reel
  • The Future - Mental Rehearsal 
  • The Inner Advisor
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Entering "The Zone"

3.  Team-Building:

  • The Circle Process
  • Creating safety 
  • Creating trust
  • Team Values
  • Team Rituals
  • Ubuntu: Embracing the "We"
  • Honoring the Self


Team Building

 Team Building

Transformation - Basketball has the power to transform a person's life, and this transformation begins by fully accepting who we are.  It is easy to love the sides of ourselves that society rewards: our good days, when we feel happy, when we're "In the Zone".  Mind-Body Basketball invites players to go deeper:  "Can we welcome and accept the parts of ourselves that are difficult to be with?"  

So often we push away the things we are not proud of: feelings of insecurity, fear, and unworthiness.  At MBB, by mentally training our athletes in Meditation and Positive Psychology, our players cultivate a well of inner-strength from which to draw from.  It is this deeper wisdom that allows our players the courage to look into the mirror, and to be better able to honor and embrace all of who they are.  

Ubuntu: playing together - Mind Body Basketball players are taught to honor basketball as a team sport.  We emphasize that the harmony of a team comes first, knowing that as the team succeeds, so too is each individual player rewarded.  Huge value is placed on decision-making, and a player's ability to know when it serves the group best to put a team on their shoulders, or when to let the ego go, unify the team, and get others involved first.

Building culture - It's our goal at MBB to create a true sense of community among players.  Team culture and camaraderie is a skill that can be directly cultivated, and we do this through the Circle Process and principals of Restorative Justice.  We give time each session for players to share authentically as a group; this allows everyone on the team to feel safe, build trust, have their voices heard, and become genuinely invested in each other's well-being.    

Strength in vulnerability - We believe that all athletes thrive best when they are treated as human beings, and allowed space to share who they are.  MBB gives young men and women a chance to take the mask off and share authentically.  When players are taught the courage to share what's going on in their lives off the court, have honest conversations about their team dynamics, and share some joy, laughter and difficulties with each produces an incredible sense of togetherness.  Over time, the competitiveness of a sports team is channeled into feeling like a genuine brotherhood or sisterhood, resilient and ready to have each other's back.  This sense of community provides the container needed allowing athletes the greatest chance for team and individual success.  

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